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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Australia Day Poems || Happy Australia Day Sweet Poems 2018

Australia day poems:-  Hi guys,welcome out here.We will provide some awesome poems about Australia Day.As you know we are infomaniacs and we love to provide information so first let's check out some info about Australia Day. also check Australia Day Sms - Latest Text SMS of Happy Australia Day 2018
Australia Day is celebrated on 26th january and on the same day in India people celebrate Republic Day.Australia Day celebrations shows the vast and rich culture of Australia.Many sporting events and cultural programmes are held on Australia Day.

Australia day poems || Happy Australia Day Sweet Poems 2017
Australia day poems || Happy Australia Day Sweet Poems 2018

Happy Australia day poems 2018

read also 50+ Australia Day Messages - Top best Messages of Australia day 2018 So guys we provided some information about Australia Day and if you liked it then plz share this article on social media and comment your views on this post and the most important thing enjoy.

Australia Day Sweet Poems 2018

G'Day Oz !!

It's a g'day to commemorate
The First Fleet 's arrival in 1788
So slip an extra shrimp on the barbie,
Open some tinnies and party hearty

Jon Bratton
A pommie poet australia day poems funny

A Down Under Special Day…

Happy Australia Day to those of you way down under,
Nice to happen when it is warm and summery it is,
Hope my calendar is right or I did make a big blunder,
Just thought it nice to send to all we know down there,
A big happy hug to celebrate their special day, bet though they wonder…?
How do they know in the frozen north?
That Australia day is kinda like our fourth,
We celebrate with barbecues and fireworks,
Having off from work that day is a definite perk…
So I just wanted to send along greetings and say,
Happy Australia Day to my friends down under,
I do send you a virtual rose bouquet,
And hope that you have a wonderfully happy day… australia day poems quotes

Australia Day poems verses -poetry verse #2

This is an old land
For ever nurtured and nourished
by the spirit of the Rainbow Serpent.
The land of the Darug people,
Of the Darginung and the Dharawal,
The Gundungurra and the Guringai.

An old land.

This is the new land of the convict and the refugee,
Of the European settler,
Of the Asian and the African,
The American and the Islander.
It is the golden hope-filled land.

A hope-filled land?

This is the silent sun-baked land
Of the gibber plain and granite outcrop
Of the waterhole and the rain forest
Of native title and pastoral lease
Of skyscraper and empty reservoir.

A golden land?

This is a land battered and blackened by bush fire
But look! a land of grass trees green-shooting
in the still dark-smouldering ashes;
Of wildflowers in the sun-heat-blighted desert
And of cities glistened smog-free by an autumn wind.

A sacred land!

This is the Dreaming land, the land of spirit ancestors
Of campfire and corroboree, of rock art and cave painting
A land of mosque and temple, of prayer book and philosophy text
A land of tribal elders and politicians.

And how slowly we have learnt, 60,000 years slowly, how to live with this land
And how slowly we have learnt, 200 years slowly, not to abuse this land
And how slowly we are learning, day-by-day slowly, how to share this land.

We who are black of skin, and white and brown and yellow
And sunburnt pink
Native and newcomer
Blue-eyed and brown-eyed and black-haired and fair-haired

We will live in harmony in this land
Because this is the Land of the Rainbow Serpent
And we are the Rainbow People.


By Mick Colliss australia day poem by mick colliss

I love this land Australia in, oh, so many ways

The pristine beaches, clear blue sky and endless sunny days

But most of all I love the people that she calls her own

The lucky ones so fortunate to call Australia home

I love the way we’re all embraced no matter where we’re from

Whether we’re a Kiwi, Scot, South African or Pom

I love our laid back attitude, where no ones too uptight

Our optimist outlook of “no worries she’ll be right”

I love the way we’d rather say G’day than say hello

The way we give a mate a nickname just by adding ‘o’

The way we love to have a crack and punch above our weight

And stick tight to the golden rule of always help a mate

I love our sense of humour, the dryness of our wit

The brave young men who went to war just to do their bit

The way we know the Don’s Average, the way we love Merv Hughes

The way we’ll back an outsider and not care if we lose

The way we worship Boonie when he hasn’t played for years

The way we have our friends around for barbies and for beers

The way when things are going bad we say “it could be worse”

The way that no one knows our national anthem’s second verse

I love how we do deeds expecting nothing in return

I love how much we care about those ashes in that urn

I love the passion of our fans, I love that we love sport

The way our team can make us feel ecstatic or distraught

I love our language; love the phrase a technicolour yawn

I love that we can all lay claim to Cathy, Hoges and Dawn

I love how we have different ways to spread our vegemite

I love the way that none of us gives up without a fight

And that to me is why this place Australia is so great

And why we have so many things that we can celebrate

She may have natural beauty that extends from coast to coast

But the people are the things about this place I love the most australia day poem john tranter



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