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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Latest Good Morning Punjabi Message (☺☺ New ♥ ♥)

Good morning punjabi messges :- In the morning there is freshness in the air. Nature appears to be fasting. After the rest of the night, the world is filled with freshness and excitement. The morning rays have amazing energy. In the orchards, buds blossom and form a flower.

The cold particles of the dew appear on the grass. The unique form of nature is made only after the grace of it.copy these Good morning Punjabi comments and past in your timeline.Thousands of people go out for health benefits.

The body gets very good exercise. The mind remains happy all day long, there is joy in everything.I hope you enjoyed this good morning in punjabi font.

If you are looking for punjabi good morning shayari then you have landed on right place.Many ailments of the body are destroyed in the morning.

Farmers stroll through the fields of their fields. Some people circled the pond or the garden.Here i have gathered some good morning punjabi quotes. There are also many parks in the cities. Here children, young and old, enjoy a walk together.

Special Good Morning Punjabi Message

The talk of lazy people is different. They do not have the habit of waking up at sunrise. They sleep late in the night and get up to eight-nine o'clock. grab this gud morning in punjabi style .

Copy these good morning in punjabi gif and past in your timeline.If you go out for morning walk then there are new forms of nature.

The birds greeted people while tweeting.I hope you enjoyed this punjabi good morning video.

Special Good Morning Punjabi Message
good morning punjabi message

Kaliyo ke khilne ke sath
Ek pyare ehsas ke sath
Ek naye viawas ke sath
Apka din suru ho
Ek mithi muskan ke sath…..
Good Morning..

Bed to uthke balcony ch jao swere swere
Dekho dur ho gaye hanere
asi haan tuhade ghar de gate te khade,
din changa niklu tuhanu wekh ke
Good morning

Suraj ki hui hai incoming…
Chand ho gaya hai outgoing..
Hawao ko nahi lagta hai roaming..
I wish you a very very lovely
good morning…

Raat ne chadar samet diti hai,
suraj ne roshni bikher diti hai
shukar karo us rabb da,
jinne tuhanu itni soni swer diti hai
Good morning

Tuhadi unlimited sleeping service
De-activate kiti jaandi hai 
Good morning

Je life ch progress karni hove ta comparison karna sikho,
Dujiya naal comparison na karo
Bite hoye din da aun wale kal naal comparison karo
Din changa nikluga
Good morning

Nayi si subah naya sa savera,
Auraj ki kirno me hawao ka basera,
Khule asman me suraj ka chehra,
Mubarak ho aapko ye hasin savera.

Good Morning One Line Status in Punjabi

Shuru to shuru karana bada mushkil hunda e

is layi kiti hoyi shuruat nu hi sire lagao…

Good morning

Apniya galtyan nu sudharde rehna chahida e

Kyunki log pahadha to nahin patharan to fisalde ne


Barish hove swer nu ta swer nikhar jaandi hai
bunda pain tere te tu wi nikhar jaandi hai
Chal uth hun nahala
Good morning

Tuhada hunar tuhanu uchayian te la jayega,
par tuhada character tuhade hunar nu hor chamkayega




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