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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Best Raksha Bandhan Essay 2018 ~~~ Happy Rakshabandhan Nibandh

Raksha bandhan essay 2018 :- On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, there is a special initiative in the market. The colorful escort increases the shops' robustness. People buy different types of Rakhi. There is a lot of crowd at the confectionery shop.

The brother gives a gift to the sister happily. copy these raksha bandhan essay in gujarati and past in your timeline.Love gives new clothes and money. The family has a sense of happiness.

This occasion of Rakhi, people take gifts and buy sweets packets for use in the house.I hope you enjoyed this raksha bandhan essay for class 4.

If you are looking for raksha bandhan essay in hindi for class 1 then you have landed on right place.Protects threads in the hands of older children. 

Raksha Bandhan Essay In Hindi 150 Words

On the day of Rakshabandhan, donation is considered as a special significance. Here i have gathered some raksha bandhan essay in hindi 100 words. It is said that the virtue of God is attained, it is said. People feed the bunches and give them new clothes.

Rakhi on this occasion married sisters maternal in-laws and organize rakhi banding on the wrist of the brothers. They apply tilak on their forehead and bind them with a rakhi. grab this raksha bandhan essay in telugu .

Raksha Bandhan Essay In Hindi 150 Words
raksha bandhan essay in hindi for class 5

भारत को पर्वों का देश माना जाता है । क्योंकि यहाँ हर महीने कोई न कोई त्योहार आता ही रहता है। एवं हर त्योहार का अपना विशेष महत्त्व है। रक्षाबंधन भाई-बहन के प्रेम का प्रतीक है। रक्षाबंधन का त्योहार श्रावण मॉस की पूर्णिमा के दिन मनाया जाता है । रक्षाबंधन के त्यौहार को भारत और नेपाल के साथ अन्य कई देशों में धूम – धाम से मनाया जाता है|

राखी प्रमुख रूप से भाई-बहन का पर्व माना जाता है। इसलिए छोटे बच्चों को तो इस त्यौहार का महीनों पहले इन्तजार रहता है| क्योंकि जहाँ एक ओर बहनों को राखी बाँधने पर भाईयों द्वारा गिफ्ट्स मिलने की ख़ुशी होती हैं| वही भाइयों को भी रंग बिरंगी राखी बंधवाने एवं स्व्वादिष्ट मिठाइयाँ एवं तरह – तरह के पकवान खाने का अवसर मिलता है|

हमारे देश में रक्षाबंधन के हफ़्तों पहले से बाजार तरह – तरह की रंग –बिरंगी राखियों से सजने लगते हैं| चारो तरफ त्यौहार का खुमार, और चहल – पहल होती है| मिठाई की दूकान में हफ्तों पहले से मिठाई बननी, और दुकाने सजनी शुरू हो जाती हैं|

राखी बंधवाने के लिए भाई- बहन एक शहर से दुसरे शहर जाते हैं| और किसी कारन से न पहुँच पाने पर बहनें डाक द्वारा अपने भाइयों को राखी भेजती हैं| त्यौहार के दिन बहनें अपने भाई को तिलक लगाकर राखी बांधती हैं, और फिर मिठाई खिलाकर उनका मुंह मीठा करवाती हैं| उसके बदले में परंपरा के अनुसार भाई अपनी बहन को कोई उपहार देकर, उसकी रक्षा का वचन देते हैं|

Raksha Bandhan Essay English

Raksha Bandhan Essay English
raksha bandhan essay for class 10

Raksha Bandhan, the symbol of love, care, emotions, duty and protection between real or cousin brother and sister. It is celebrated as a secular, non denominational and multicultural Hindu festival in different parts of India. The festival is also known as “Rakhi” or “Shravani Purnima” which falls in the month of Saavan on Purnima according to Hindu calendar. The practice of this festival is followed by all communities including Muslims and Christians too. On this holy festival, brother and sister shows their unconditional love and affection towards each other by doing some ritual things like sisters tied a rakhi on brother’s wrist and ask wish of her brother’s long life and prosperity. Brother also offers cards or gifts to sister along with a pledge to keep his sister away from any difficulties all over her life.

The tradition of “Raksha Bandhan” is celebrated since the pre-historical time period according to scriptures. Several stories are written in Hindu scriptures like Bhagwat Puran, Bhavishya Puran and Vishnu puran about this festival of “Raksha Bandhan” which proves that this ritual has been celebrated since ancient time. Raksha Bandhan is viewed as the secular festival which is celebrated in all communities with different rituals. Different parts of India celebrate the Raksha Bandhan in different ways (like in Maharashtra it is called Narali purnima, in Uttarakhand it is called Janopunyu and in Punjab several fairs held on this day, etc).

This festival brings all family members together under one roof and binds them in close relation and also fills up love, affection and care among brothers and sisters towards each other. This famous multicultural festival is celebrated all over the world where Non resident Indians are residing.



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