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Monday, August 27, 2018

Happy Teachers Day Welcome Speech By Students

Welcome speech for teachers day by students :-With the contribution of our teachers in the development and development of the country, the dedication of our former President's birthday has been dedicated to mention the greatness of the teacher's profession.

Teacher's Day is a festival dedicated to all teachers,copy these Awesome welcome speech for teachers day by students and past in your timeline. which is celebrated on 5th September every year with the objective of honoring the teachers.

Teachers have a role to play in the future of the nation, with the help of them an ideal citizen is born.I hope you enjoyed this teachers day speech by students in english.

If you are looking for teachers day speech by teacher in english then you have landed on right place.The teacher has a special place in the life of the students.

Speech on importance of teachers

Dedicating the work of teachers, the day of September 5 is celebrated as Teachers Day in the entire country.Here i have gathered some short speech on teacher. It is celebrated every year to honor the teachers and to remember the birth anniversaries.

Just like our parents, our teacher also has many personal problems, but still forgetting all these, they come to school and colleges every day and play their responsibility well.grab this conclusion for teachers day speech.
Speech on importance of teachers
an essay on importance of teacher in students life

Dear friends, respected teachers and Principal Ma’am,

It is indeed so wonderful to be here on the occasion to mark Teacher’s Day.

As we look back there is a sense of nostalgia, of course, as we reminisce the academic institutions we attended as we went from school to college and then to university and other institutions of higher learning.

But at the root of it all is the great sense of gratitude we feel for our teachers at every level of our study and learning.

What would life have been but for our teachers? They, who taught us the alphabets and then through all the years of our study till we submitted, perhaps, our post-doctoral research work.

Education is so inter-linked with teachers. And when we glorify education as the means of enlightenment, emancipation and empowerment of people, men and women, we must really realize that the possibility becomes a realization through the patience, love, service and devotion of millions of teachers.

Go back in time and the person you most fondly remember will be the teacher who taught you, perhaps at kindergarten. That was the time when you, as a little child, left the comfort of your home and parents and went into a completely new environment and started to study and play with other children. And that kindergarten teacher was the person who was loving and caring, making the initiation to learning less painful, more comfortable.

As you grew up your teachers also became your mentors, advisers, supporters, counselors, sympathizers and role models. And your teachers were persons who made you independent thinkers, adventurous learners and inquisitive researchers. And they fostered you at every step. Even when our teachers seemed harsh or tough with us it was to make us strong and capable to deal with the reality most ably and most aptly that awaited us in the world. We realized that later. And we were only overwhelmed with gratitude.

These memories flood our minds and hearts as we remember our dear teachers. Yes, indeed!

Years may roll on and time flies, yet our teachers have a very special place in our hearts. That it seems is the power of sharing. When teachers teach us it is really that they share so much of their time, learning and life skills with us. Teachers are indeed so generous, and that is what transforms the lives of students year after year.

When we come together on occasions such as today to celebrate the lives and work of teachers, let us determine to share, in our own way, something that we may be endowed with, with those who may lack it. When we can do something akin to what our teachers did for us, it would only make our teachers happy and proud of us. It may be one way of saying a big thank you to our teachers.

Nothing can equal what our teachers have done for us. But we can try in whatever small way we can.

Thank you!

Short Welcome Speech For Teachers Day By Students

Copy these teachers day speech in english pdf and past in your timeline.We must wholeheartedly promise that we respect our teacher because we are all incompetent in this world without a teacher.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on September 5, 1888, and in 1909, he started his career as a philosophy teacher in Presidency CollegeI hope you enjoyed this teacher speech to students.
Short Welcome Speech For Teachers Day By Students
speech on importance of teachers pdf
Our most respected teachers, dear friends and students,

How may we express our heartfelt gratitude to our teachers? Friend, philosopher and guide all rolled into one. Yes, every teacher of ours has been just that.

Our teachers have facilitated our scholastic abilities and aptitudes. They have helped us cross the thresholds to possess the academic prerequisites to clear exams and qualify at different levels in our academic pursuits. They have been patient with us even as they got us grounded in the fundamentals of every subject. They have taught us with love. And that has often lightened even subjects that we found very tough.

But then our teachers have done much, much more than that. And we have learned from our teachers in so many different ways. Our teachers have guided us when we have faced difficult situations and dilemmas. When we have been low, and down and dejected they have been successful in raising our spirits and putting us right back on track. They have loved us even when we played truant and were mischievous and played pranks. They have offered us support in so many ways that made the process of education enjoyable. They have striven hard to inculcate in us human values and right ethics so that we may have a future guided by goodness and righteousness. They have helped us seek the truth and live by it at all times. They have given their time most generously, and offered advice most willingly. Isn’t it?

And naturally our teachers have been our role models. We have always looked up to our teachers with respect, awe and love. And we have always wondered if we could ever match up to them. Right?

Really speaking, it may never be possible for us to say all that our teachers have done for us and made possible for us so that we may work hard, excel and have a bright and happy future.

As we come together to thank our teachers, we find words are insufficient to do that. Words seem to pale before our teachers’ selfless service and devotion to the cause of educating, enlightening and moulding our minds, hearts and lives in totality. Words can never equal what our teachers have done for us with no expectation whatsoever.

Nevertheless, we have to resort to saying verbally a thank you to our teachers which is, of course, backed by our most sincere gratitude and deep love and appreciation.

Dear teachers, we want to say a heartfelt thank you to you all. You mean so much to us. What you have given us will help us go into the world for building our future.

All the beautiful flowers that could go into making a fragrant and extravagant bouquet would whither after a time, but dear teachers, our love and respect and regard for you for all that you have done to bolster and buttress our strength, and courage shall remain fresh always, in fact, will only grow and grow.

Thank you!



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